11pcs Natural Bamboo Professional Makeup Brushes Set Foundation Blending Brush Tool Cosmetic Kits Makeup Set Brusher


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11pcs Natural Bamboo Makeup Brushes Foundation Blending Brush Tool Set Hot Selling

Our package is 11pcs/set with a free high-end bag.
Our handles are made of bamoo, silver brush tube (brush and brush handle connection position) is made of aluminum.
The hair is imported high-quality Synthetic hair, it’s very soft, good grip powder strength.
No Shedding Hair and Not hurt your smooth skin.
100% non-porous bristles-Perfectly apply powder, cream and liquid products.
Complete Function-Foundation, Blending, Blush, Eyeliner & Face Powder.
Portable and convenient for daily makeup.
This brush set is perfect for gift to your friends and family

Item Condition:100% Brand New and High Quality
Item Color:Wooden
Daily Cleaning:
Consider using a daily brush cleaner, or makeup remover wipes. Deep Cleaning Weekly:
1. Holding bristles face down, run bristles under warm water.
2. Gently squeeze out any excess water and makeup residue.
3. Apply a dime size amount of mild soap and olive oil into the palm of your hand.
4. Massage the bristles into your palm in a circular motion under running water until the water runs clear, being careful NOT to submerge the brush.
5. Gently squeeze out any excess water using a clean towel.
6. Let the bristles air dry in an open space.
7. To dry naturally, can not use a hair dryer or on the sun to dry, or they may wound material; wash after, but also then the hair milk dip washed look, make the bristles softer.
Weekday Maintenance:
After use, paper face down in the brush, wipe off the excess residue of cosmetics.
Regular maintenance: one week maintenance time, will brush soaked in warm, soapy water diluted, along the hair clean, then rinse in cold water.
The water is slightly dry with a tissue, after finishing, on the dry towel to dry.

Package includes:
11 x Brushes

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