200w 24v 3 blades low wind start up horizontal home/boat windmill turbine generator kit


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3 phase permanent magnet synchronous AC generator
Magnet NdFeB
Generator housing Casting aluminum alloy
Blades material Germany Nano nylon glass fiber
Control system Electromagnet/wind wheel yaw
Speed regulation Automatically adjust windward direction
Working temperature – 50degree ~ -60degree
Design life 20 years

Low start up wind speed, 2m/s, this wind generator, we would recommend 5 blades model for low wind area, and 3 blades for average high wind aea.

Low vibration running, the blades with nylon composite materials ,using new art of precision injection molding,with the optimization of aerodynamic design and structural design, and with automatic yaw, safe and reliable operation.

High output, permanent magnet generator rotor using patented alternator, together with the special stator design, effectively reduce the generation of resistance torque and enhance generation perfomance.

IP65,applicable in harsh environment, aluminum alloy body,anti-corrosion treatment,resistant to to acid and alkali, applicable in salty and other harsh environment.

20-year long service life, internal motor labyrinth design, all internal fasteners are stainless steel made, external fasteners are high strength zinc-coated, with ensures the wind generator’s strength and duration.

Thanks for Mr Vlad Smirnov’s advice, now we also present a flange along with the turbine, which could be welded on the pole to match turbine’s bottom flange.

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