Computerized Sewing Machine, Adjustable Stitch Length and Width, for Home Use


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Full description
Electrical. Vertical rocking shuttle. Maximum height of the cap 11 mm. Maximum length of line 4 mm. Maximum width of line 5 mm. A separate stitch adjuster. 24 sewing operations.
Technical description
Type of vehicle:
Type of shuttle: vertical rolling
Engine capacity: 70 W
Maximum height of cap: 11 mm
Maximum stitch length: 4 mm
Maximum width of line: 5 mm
Separate adjuster of stitch length:
Lap pressure setting:
Reversely (revers): yes
Disconnection of the lower tissue transporter:
Double needle:
Position of the cartridges: vertical
Work area lighting:
Hand platform:
Number of sewing operations: 24
Surplus line:
Elementary (tricotage) line:
Secret line:
Decoration lines:
Petley performance: semi-automatic
Number of hinges: 1
A zig-zaga cap:
Petitioning loop:
Nutrition: from network
Nutritional voltage: 220-240 B / 50-60 Hz

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