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  • Voltage (V): 0
  • Power (W): 0
  • Function: Carpet Type
  • Origin: Mainland China



Color: White

Material: PP+ Stainless steel

Product Size: 102*33*16.3cm


User Instructions


1. Screw the Top handle section to the Middle handle section

2. Screw the Middle handle section to the Bottom handle section

3. Firmy push the completely assembled handle into the Main Body unit Secured




1. Do not store in location that is exposed to extreme heat

2. Do not attempt to pick up objects that are on fre (E.g.cigarettes,matches, or burning embers)

3. Do not use near an open flame

4. Do not allow to be used as a toy

5. Do not insert any pointed objects into the opening

6. Use extra caution when using this product to clean stairs

7. Do not use on carpet, or wet areas

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