HOMSECUR 7″ LCD Video&Audio Home Intercom With Night Vision Camera For 10 Apartment


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4-Wire 7″ Video Door Phone Intercom System for 10-Apartment 1 x Outdoor Unit and 10 x Indoor Monitors Video Intercom is a system that enables you to receive “calls” from your front door or some other door on the outside of your building, which enables you to actually see who is at the outside station and talk to them. It adds security and peace of mind to your house. The 10 apartments/families system supports Handsfree 2-way Intercom, Indoor Monitoring, Indoor Unlocking, Night Vision and Mute Mode. Besides, it is a 4-wire system, the installation is not difficult, both of the outdoor unit and indoor unit have plug-and-play connector. It is a great system for home intercom and security. Handsfree Dual-way Intercom and Indoor Monitoring The outdoor unit has ten call buttons, the visitor can call separate room. When a visitor rings the bell, the monitor will be activated and shows the image outside, then you can see and hear outside. Press the answer button, then you can talk to outside, press the answer button again to turn it off. If no one answers the call, the monitor will turn off automatically after 30s. It supports monitoring feature, press the monitoring button, you can see and hear outside situation. Built-in IR Lights for Night-vision, allow see clear image at night The outdoor unit embeds in 5 pcs IR lights and IR Sensor. The IR sensor can control the leds according to illumination intensity. At night or at low light status, the IR lights turn on automatically and the screens show black and white image. Compatible with Electric lock, keep house safer This system can work with 12V electric lock. With this function, you don’t need go to the door to unlock for your guest, just press unlock button on the monitor, which brings great convenience.(Please note the electric locks at below photo are not included in this kit. If you need one, please contact us) Applications This apartment door phone system is mostly used in 10 units apartment or 10 families house, which allows the visitor to call separate room directly. (The electric lock is not included) Varied Models for Your Choice We provide more options for indoor units and the outdoor unit (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 units). If you need, please contact us for quotation with the specified models. Specification What’s In Terms & Conditions

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