Raspberry pi Camera V3 Module Board 5MP++ZeroView Window module+Original Raspberry Pi Zero Board


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Raspberry pi Camera V3 Module Board 5MP++ZeroView Window module+Original Raspberry Pi Zero Board

The Raspberry Pi Zero: Technical Specifications

CPU: Broadcom BCM2835, which can run at up to 1GHz.

RAM: 512MB

Power: 5V, supplied via micro USB connector, drawing 160mA (even when connected to an HD display).

Dimensions: 65mm x 30mm x 5mm

Video & Audio: 1080P HD video output. Audio output via mini-HDMI connector.

Storage: MicroSD card.

Operating System: Linux, installed via NOOBS.

The Raspberry Pi Zero: Inputs and Outputs MicroSD Card Slot: The Pi Zero gets its storage space from a MicroSD card, which you’ll need to install the operating system on. Mini HDMI: Video output for the Pi Zero is by way of a mini-HDMI connector. In terms of their operation, these connectors perform identically to their larger versions. N.B. A mini-HDMI to standard HDMI adapter is included with the Pi Zero from element14. Micro USB: You’ll notice there are two micro USB connectors on the Pi Zero. One is for data (the connector on the left, if the MicroSD card slot is on the left), and one is for power. Don’t get them mixed up. A micro USB “On the Go” to USB adapter is included with the Pi Zero from element14 so you can connect a USB hub, and therefore all your peripherals (keyboard, mouse etc). GPIO: The Pi Zero has the same 40 pin General Purpose Input/Output connections as the Model A+, B+ and RPi2, but the connector pins are unpopulated. So if you want to use the GPIO, you’ll either have to solder the required pins in place, or solder your connections directly to the Pi Zero. RUN Mode Pins: There are two unpopulated RUN mode pins, which can be used to connect a reset button to the Pi Zero. Again, you’ll either have to add the pins yourself, or solder a button straight to the board. Composite Video: Here’s an interesting one. There’s an RCA composited video output via two (unpopulated) pins, so you can hook the Pi Zero up to older display equipment that accepts a phono plug as an input. ZeroView Features:

  • ZeroView is a smart window / glass mountain’s π0 and camera modules.
  • Use a high quality sucker to connect to the board, ZeroView can be installed on windows, glass fish tank, etc. – just feel new items you can use camera module image, video, slow motion and delay function!
  • We take the time to design the board of the camera module lens is the glass, as much as possible to reduce glare or reflection opportunities. We also installed on the zero after the board, which allows you to use HATs ZeroView.
  • Camera module cable neat and plug between the πZeroView bend, keep neat. Π zero mini usb connector is also installed at the bottom of the board, allowing you to easily connect the power supply.
  • We hunt we can find the finest sucker, only use the best “Adams” cup made in the United States. We can not use any other brand for the performance of these suckers.

Further details:

  • Protect your camera module against a window or glass
  • Take pictures, videos, slow motion and delay photography from your window, through the pet box, in your car and other places.
  • A neat, hidden package with your camera cable hidden
  • With the old (v1.3) and new (v2.1) camera modules
  • Only use the best sucker – the high quality “Adams” cup from the United States
  • The form of the kit – enjoy the construction required ZeroView without any welding or tools

Components include: 1 x ZeroView PCB (new smooth black design!) 1 x Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3 1 x 5 MP Camera

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