TUTUO 7W Foldable Smart USB Solar Charger Panel Source for IPhone7 8 X Hiking Camping Travel Mobile Phone Charger /Power Bank


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TUTUO 7W Sunpower Chip,I-Smart Technology, Foldable Portable USB Charger for Emergency/Hiking/Camping/Travelling High Efficiency

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High efficiency: 17.5%; output interface: 1 x USB. Ismart Technology make the usb distribute the current smart, Recognise the device’s current automatic,You can enjoy using your electronic device while you are travelling.power bank 20000mah solar panel 50w 12v 100w solar panel monocrystalline solar cell 100w flexible solar panel
This product is a multifunctional solar charger with USB output (5V) which can charge for 5V IPHONE, IPAD, PDA MP3 MP4 digital camera video camera PSP video games etc. Built-in voltage controller Convenience to take USB interface output can be suitable for most digital products. Especially suitable for anywhere can obtain sunshine realize high-efficient charging

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