HOMSECUR 7″ Wired Hands-free Color Video Door Intercom System with Mute Mode And Intra-monitor Audio Intercom for Home Security


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Feature Summary

Video & Dual-way Audio Communication

Convenient and Safe Access Management

When visitors press call button on outdoor camera, indoor monitor will be activated to show onsite video of outdoors instantly. There will be multiple selectable pleasant ringtones to keep you notified of any single important visitors. Once the call is answered, instant conversation is enabled even without opening the door. The option of multiple indoor monitors also allows you to interact with visitors from different rooms. This key function benefits you with a convenient and safe way of managing entry to your property.

Real-time Outdoor Monitoring

Always Keep Everything under Control

Simply press the Monitor button on indoor monitor when it is on standby mode, you will have access to real-time video of outdoors (up to 90 seconds). For System with more than 2 outdoor cameras, switch among monitoring cameras is supported. By making use of this outdoor monitoring function, it puts your mind at ease and especially, you are able to get one step ahead and well prepared in circumstances of any emergency.

Intra-monitor Audio Interaction

Reach Every Corner inside Your Home

With the intra-monitor intercom function, you can have audio connection with different locations inside your property. Enjoy a quick chat or simply pass a message for dinner without leaving your own room.

Sensor-controlled Infrared Night-vision

Greatly Enhances System Visual Performance

Outdoor camera is designed with infrared lights and infrared sensors for automatic operation once in poor light conditions. This system provides clear images beyond the door and greatly enhances system visual performance at night, improving your sense of security to a greater extend. It takes good care of the elder and children when they are alone at home.

User-friendly Design of Mute Mode

Your Private Paradise Away from Disturbance

With the mute mode design on indoor monitor, you have your own choice to leave ringtone on or off. In mute mode, when visitor presses call button, the monitor will turn on and show image without ringtone. Before going to bed, just activate this function by long pressing Mute Button for 5 seconds for a good night sleep.

Electric Lock Compatible for Easy Unlocking

Enjoy Great Convenience That Modern Life Brings

Open outdoor gates or doors for your visitors with the touch of a single button on indoor monitor when this intercom system is connected with 12V electric locks. This access controlling function provides greater convenience than ever. (For availability of electric lock in this listed offer, please refer to package content. Or contact us if you are interested.)

Wiring Reference


Varied Models for Your Tailored Needs

Kind Reminders

1. Prior to installation, it is strongly recommended always to conduct preliminary checks and a test run with original cable and accessories in package.

2. Instruction for Cable:

a> This system supports a maximum 100m length of wiring cable for stable performance. Cable Requirements:

b> RVV copper cables are recommended to work with door intercom system. For different models, please refer to item specification for cable models.Contact us, find it in our store or your local market if you need longer cables.

c> You can use cat5/cat5e/cat6 network cables for connection, but please make sure the total length does not exceed 30m.

3. The outdoor camera is not waterproof but water-resistant for outdoor installation. We suggest you to mount a cover with it for better protection. Also leave no gap between wall and the camera to prevent any possible leaking problem.

4. Connect a NO lock directly to outdoor camera. But for a NC strike lock or magnetic lock, an extra 12V power supply module is required. We provide such power supply module, electrical lock, remote controller and exit button. Please contact us for details.

5. Protective film is placed on screens to prevent damage during transit. Please remove it before use.


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